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Is Hupe covered by medical insurance?

Currently, Hupe is not covered by medical insurance providers.

How do I join Hupe?

Sign up to the waitlist today and receive first access to Hupe.

How much does Hupe cost?

Hupe understands that a unique individual deserves a unique solution. We develop sustainable and personalised nutrition, supplementation, movement, exercise, mindset and performance plans based on your unique biology, physiology and genetics. Based on this, no two Hupe programs are ever the same, with some requiring additional tests, technology or expert support. Please speak to the Hupe team today to help us learn more about your health goals and needs before we can determine your potential investment in your health.

Does Hupe have a physical location?

No, Hupe does not have a physical location that members can visit. Hupe is a fully digital and remote program designed to provide members worldwide access to the most advanced health optimisation solutions. If necessary, your Hupe Concierge will research and locate any physical locations (clinics, physiotherapists, gyms) essential for you to visit as part of your Hupe program. Your consultations with your dedicated Wellness Team all take place digitally via the Hupe Platform.

Who is Hupe for?

Hupe is for people who demand more from life, people from all backgrounds, health status, and fitness levels. Hupe is a proactive, preventative approach to optimising health and wellbeing to extend the time we can enjoy good health and high quality of life - free from serious illnesses, disabilities, and chronic health conditions - to focus on the more important parts of life.

Why was Hupe created?

Hupe was created by our founder, Sami Malia, out of frustration with the current approaches to health optimisation that are outdated and generic, and focus on treating symptoms rather than identifying the underlying root causes of illnesses and diseases. As humans, we typically tolerate living in an 'unhealthy' normal because we don't know what optimal feels like. Hupe revolutionises the approach to health and wellness optimisation by transforming the conventions of human ageing, wellness and performance with hyper-personalised solutions that champion prevention and lead to longer, stronger, healthier and happier lives.

What is Hupe?

Hupe is the world's most advanced, and exclusive, human optimisation program for better health and reduced biological age.

Hupe is an intensive five-month minimum health and wellness optimisation program. Hupe creates hyper-personalised nutrition, supplementation, movement, exercise, mindset and performance plans based on our members' biology, physiology and genetics.

Hupe employs cutting-edge diagnostic testing, wearable technology and AI, and world-class medical and wellness experts to develop members' programs, all accessible on Hupe's fully integrated technology platform.

The Hupe Program

Are the recommended supplements an additional cost?

No, all recommended supplements are included as part of your Hupe membership.

Is the Hupe platform secure?

Yes, Hupe is GDPR and HIPAA compliant across all services. Member data is never shared or sold, and is stored on world-class secure infrastructure.

What's included on the Hupe Platform?

Hupe members will be able to access all of the following on the Hupe Platform:

  • Wellness Strategy and Action Plans
  • Nutrition Plans & Recipes
  • Custom Supplementation Plans
  • Physical Fitness & Movement Plans
  • Mindset & Performance Plans
  • Wellness Team Connection
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Tracking
  • Real-Time Recommendations
What is the Hupe Platform?

The Hupe Platform is the world's first fully integrated health optimisation platform and members' digital home for everything health. Members can connect with their Wellness Team, track progress, and receive real-time feedback and program adjustments all from within the Hupe Platform.

Who makes up Hupe Wellness Teams?

Each member will receive their own dedicated Wellness Team. A Hupe Concierge will manage all aspects of your program. An independent, world-class Integrative Medical Doctor will lead your personal team of a Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Mindset Coach. Not just the best team for anyone; the best team for each unique member. Other expert practitioners may be included in members' Wellness Teams based on their needs, for example, Sleep Coaches and Psychologists.

What diagnostic tests and assessments are included?

Typical Hupe Programs will include the following diagnostic tests and assessments:

- Biological Age Analysis

- DNA, Blood and Urine Analysis

- Hormone & Microbiome Analysis

- Allergies & Intolerances

- Biomechanics & Body Composition

- Continuous Glucose Monitoring

- Lactate Threshold

- Sleep Monitoring & Analysis

- Lifestyle Analysis

What is included in the Hupe program?

Unlock your greatest self with a Hupe membership.

1. Getting started: Once you've signed up to Hupe, you'll receive your Hupe Welcome Pack, complete with your wearables and performance technology, and meet your Hupe Experience Manager via the Hupe Platform. Next, you'll schedule your diagnostic testing appointments and sync your wearables to start generating data.

2. Understand your baseline: We undertake a thorough data collection process of 1,500 biomarkers and evaluate your medical history, current lifestyle and support systems. All data is interpreted and delivered on the Hupe Platform.

3. Meet your team: Connect with your dedicated Wellness Team via the Hupe Platform - an Integrative Medical Doctor leads your team of a Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Mindset Coach, and you're supported throughout by your Hupe Experience Manager.

4. Receive your personalised program: Review a comprehensive report on your Hupe Platform and your bespoke nutrition, supplementation, movement, physical fitness, mindset and performance plans. Your doctor will guide you through your final report.

5. Track your progress on the Hupe Platform: Visualise your Hupe journey daily, weekly and monthly, taking steps to optimal health and reducing your biological age. Stay connected to your Wellness Team, track wearable data, and receive instant advice from within the Platform.

6. Adapt with real-time insights: Your Wellness Team will check in with you throughout your program to review progress and make any adjustments based on your live results.

7. Ongoing optimisation: Receive a continuous assessment of your evolving biomarkers, health metrics and goals. Your Wellness Team will refine your program, and you’ll always have access to the most cutting-edge scientific, diagnostic and wearable support.

Business Collaboration

Does Hupe work with employers?

Hupe is here to optimise your team's health and performance. Please contact Hupe today to explore Hupe for your business.